Lapse of allocated funds in Sindh
By Dr. Ali Akbar Dhakan


Dr. Ali Akbar DhakanIn the budget speech of FY10, the main objectives of policies of the Govt. of Sindh were described as: (i) Reducing poverty (ii) Improving delivering of basic social services (iii) Promoting foreign investment (iv) Enhancing public private partnership in investment and market regulation and (v) Developing skill etc. For poverty reduction Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Youth Development Program, Union Council Poverty reduction Program, Landless Harees Program and the housing for the poor projects have been launched. For public-private partnership, Hyderabad Mirpur Khas Highway, Public Private Partnership Units (PPP-U) etc, have been established. For skill Development, the Sindh technical Education and Vocational training Authority and Sindh Indigenous and Traditional Crafts Company have been setup. For promoting Investment, the Thar Coal project, Sindh cities improvement programmes, Rural Revitalization Programme, Sindh Development Fund, Sindh Investment Board, Improving service Delivery in the health at the education sectors, peoples Primary Health care Initiative, hepatitis control program, Expansion and Improvement of Hospitals, Sindh Education reforms Program, promoting Private Sector Schools scheme, national Program for Improvement of water courses, Sindh water sector Improvement project, construction of small Dams schemes have been started in Sindh whereas for community development the projects like community Infrastructure Development, Coastal community Development project etc have been prepared. But the big question is as to whether the Sindh Government concerned departments are so much efficient to start these all projects as soon as possible and utilize the allocated funds for these Schemes to the maximum extent so that the problems of the people of Sindh belonging to the rural and Urban areas are solved for necessary development and poverty reduction. At the moment, it is being observed that the people of Sindh are facing a great threat to the human lives and security. The criminal activities like, abduction on ransom, dacoits and theft and social crimes are at the highest ebb in Sindh for which the police, security agencies and district management are responsible. The district managements have been totally failure to control the crimes and other social and economic evils from the Sindh province. The roads are in poor condition but it is very sad to note that the roads under repairs and new construction take very long period of about 3-5 years to get them completed and this period of under construction or repairs is dangerous as well as calamitous for the people and vehicles plying on the stones and holes dug for the construction or repairs purpose alongside all the roads. The Government of Sindh particularly the Chief Secretary of Sindh should see that such problems faced by the people in rural and urban areas should be looked after and properly solved in time for which the DCOs should be held responsible and he should take up any loophole in the works taken for repairs as well as construction of roads. For the purpose of the control of crimes in the district, the DIGs and SPs should be taken to task and they may be advised not to sit in their luxurious offices and residences but half of their daily times should be given to visits to sites and fields. The list of criminals village wise and taluka wise may be prepared and they should be booked for any crime committed in their areas. The Position of funds provided year-wise can be seen in the following table:


Year Utilization as % of allocation

2002-03:           67.2
2003-04:           84.1
2004-05:           72.2
2005-06:           89.8
2006-07:           88.4
2007-08:           86.4
2008-09:           84.7

(Source: Sindh Development Report 2009.)


It can be seen from the above table that funds allocated are not being fully utilized resulting in the lapse of amounts and incomplete of various schemes and programs. The concerned authorities may be held responsible for this lapse so that in future all the running schemes and projects can be fully completed in time in Sindh. In this way, all the vagaries and mishaps can be avoided for the prosperity and well being of the poor people of Sindh otherwise these small things will reach the shape of big problems for the survival of lives in the 21st century.