Disparity in water distribution is a major cause of conflict in Pakistan

Disparity in water distribution is a major cause of conflict in the country. It creates anger, ill-will, animosity and agitation among the people and the provinces. The government’s failure to address the issue in an appropriate, effective and impartial manner makes the matter worse.

To cite just an example, the federal minister for water and power, when pressed on this issue in the National Assembly recently, expressed the federal government’s inability to enforce the 1991 water accord and suggested that if any province had any grievances, it should go to the Council of Common Interests (CCI). He also declared that the water shortage in the country stood at 28%. Now compare it with the reports from Sindh indicating that the province faced water shortage of 40-50%. It is even worse in some areas affecting the agriculture and the livelihood of millions of people.

Would the IRSA, the federal government and related agencies explain the discrepancy in the water shortage in Sindh and the rest of the country? Would the Sindh government tell its constituents what it is doing to get fair share of water for the province and the implementation of the 1991 water accord? Would it also tell the people why it doesn’t go to CCI as the federal minister has suggested if the province was not getting its due share of water? Has the Sindh government asked for compensation for the losses the province has incurred due to the unfair share in water?

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Military courts can offer relief to public

It is generally observed that mostly in Sindh province lawlessness and high handedness is on increase day by day, viz street crime, road robberies, kidnapping and free style corruption in govt. offices. Not only this but in business too. The rate of the commodities are charged by business men as per their own sweet will. Though there are magistrate but they are also helpless, in short they do not take interest in controlling menace. The public is now mentally prepared for offering bribe to everyone as it has become a popular culture. Loadshadding in the country is yet another problem faced to everyone. This is all because the uncontrolled theft of power in the nook and corner of the country has made life of a common citizen miserable. Shortage of water at tails of channels is generally caused due to control of water courses by the MLAs, MPAs or the Ministers. The administration is helpless to touch those high powered men and offer relief to a common zamindar. The only remedy in my mind to eradicate and control to these menaces is to setup military courts in each district (but not the martial law), who could decide the cases summarily and punish the culprits according to the law. By this if not 50% at least 40% of the crime could be controlled and general public could heave a sigh of relief.  






Shelterless government employees

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah while taking oath of office had announced that the present government would offer shelter to shelterless retired government employees. After this the retired government servants who had not house of their own and resided in make shift houses or the rented one become happy and praised government’s vision. However, the government is about to complete second year in the office but no concrete step has been taken in the direction, resulting in the increase in of the problems of the retired employees manifold. We the retired government employees request the rulers with binding hands to reconsider their earlier announcement and offer shelter to the shelterless government employees.  






Direct flights from Hyderabad

According to a news item (Nov 14), PIA Managing Director Ejaz Haroon has announced that the airline would soon start direct passenger and cargo flights to European destinations from Sialkot International Airport.

“There is a great scope for bangles, powerloom goods and footwear manufactured in Hyderabad in UK markets,” said UK’s Deputy High Commissioner Robert W. Gibson during a meeting with the district Nazim, Hyderabad, Kanwer Naveed Jamil, at his office (Nov 19).

Local potters of Hyderabad also manufacture pottery comparable to that of ’Stoke-on-Trent-Town of Peak District of UK”. Their pottery items can easily gain scope in UK markets.

Bangles made in Hyderabad are quite popular all over Pakistan and are also exported to various countries of the world via Karachi.

Mangoes are another export product of Hyderabad and are grown on at least one million acres all over Sindh.

Therefore, I request the PIA managing director and the district nazim of Hyderabad to hold an urgent meeting for starting direct passenger and cargo flights to Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and other major cities of Europe and South Asia from Hyderabad airport.

These flights will also decrease the expenditure spent on pilgrimages to Saudi Arabia.