Hudabia Treaty like solution of Terrorism
By Dr. Ali Akbar Dhakan


Terrorist is who takes revenge for atrocities or victimization done to him. As USA takes revenge for 9/11 attack on Trade Tower in New York assumed to be launched by the extreme Muslims like Saddam of Iraq and Osama of Saudi Arabia, who fled to Afghanistan. Saddam and his country was totally destroyed by world powerful countries through UNO and Osama and Afghanistan is being destroyed for which Pakistan is suffering due to high mountainous territory with Afghanistan where Afghan people having the same language and culture are living and also due to loose vigilance over the coming and going from Afghanistan to Pakistan territory and vice versa. It is why the attacks and Pak Military operation is running in FATA, Swat and Waziristan. In revenge, Afghanis, Talibans or Al-Quaida are killing people of Pakistan through suicide attacks particularly forces of police and military of Pakistan are being attacked including killing civilians also.


What is War?

USA through international coalition forces is waging war against those extreme Muslims who are being assumed as terrorists fighting with USA forces and killing them through suicide bombs and war weapons. War is called to be waged in two or more countries but USA is waging war in other countries by deploying their forces including other coalition forces through UNO. Therefore this cannot be termed as a war between two or more countries but some assumed people to be terrorists or fighters are being destroyed in other countries. Pakistan due to being neighbor country of Afghanistan has also been got involved on the payment of Dollars.


Who will win?

It is not a war between two countries but assumed fighters termed as terrorists are killed and attacked along with innocent civilians residing there. A great loss of property, lives and economic elements has been inflicted and only the operation has been launched to kill them and drive them from the Pakistan territories near Afghanistan. Some of them have been killed and some have been compelled to flee from the areas but in totality they have still not been vanished and cannot be to do so. Therefore there is no question of wining the war or defeating any side. It can therefore be concluded that it is an unending war or attack of USA which can not be won or defeated for many lives to come.



We may take lesson from the sacred philosophy of our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) which was adopted at the time of Treaty of Hudaibia when a pact of agreement was signed by our Prophet and Meccan leaders.

The pact was regarding:

(i)   There will be no war for 10years.

(ii)  We will treat our selves as peaceful people.

(iii) No harm will be done to any party.

(iv) We shall help each others at any miserable circumstances.

(v)  The prosperous country will try to make up the losses to the destroyed places and people.

(vi) There will be peace, prosperity and piety every where. In the light of the treaty of Hudaibia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, USA and Terrorists groups may sit together and settle down all the issues of terrorism by signing the peace pact otherwise there is no solution of the war problems.


Meanwhile, it is suggested that we may take following immediate actions to meet the prevailing havoc situation:

(i)   Borders with Afghanistan may fully be sealed and no laxity may be allowed in this regard by our troops or boundary supervisors as the present havoc of terrorism has got prop due to our loose border security on account of some corrupt intentions like smuggling of every sort of commodities, weapons and other goods etc.

(ii)  Victims of the military operation may be rehabilitated and generously settled at their places again from where they were dislocated due to war atrocities.

(iii) Multifarious development plans may be launched there to provide the disturbed people the employment so that they can earn money for their livelihood and save themselves form devils free mind.

(iv) Government leaders may not be disturbed by making propagandas against them on various electronic and print media. Threats to their lives and making false cases of different kinds may be avoided so that can run the country with peaceful mind and certainty. 





6th Death Anniversary of Allama Qasmi observed
By Our Reporter

Hyderabad: Sixth Death Anniversary of great scholar, Allama Ghulam Mustafa Qasmi was observed here in Hyderabad. A large number of teachers, scholars, writers, poets, intellectuals and political activists attended the function organized under the aegis of Allama Ghulam Mustafa Qasmi Memorial Committee, in the premises of Ghulam Shah Kalhora Tomb, Hyderabad.

Mr. Mazharul Haq Siddiqui, Vice Chancellor, University of Sindh, Jamshoro, offered Fatiha and placed floral wreath on the Mazar of Allama Qasmi. On this occasion he announced the establishment of Allama Ghulam Mustafa Qasmi Resource Centre/Library in the university to facilitate the budding scholars. It may be recalled that with a die hard efforts of Mr. Mazharul Haq Siddiqui, Allama Ghulam Mustafa Qasmi Chair was established in the university and is striving hard to produce standard material under the guidance of Dr. Qazi Khadim, its head.

Others who attended the ceremony included Dr. Qazi Khadim, Prof. Nazeer Qasmi, Momin Bullo, Nafees Ahmed Nashad, Anwar Azad Kandhro, Prof. Yaooob Chandio, Naseer Mirza, Murad Ali Mirza, Dr. Qasim Bughio, Taj Joyo, Dr. Fahmida Hussain, Abdul Ghaffar Siddiqui and a large number of college teachers.






Mehranís Editor removed
By Our Reporter


In an unprecedented and shocking administrative order Mr. Nafees Ahmed Nashad was removed from the slot of Editorship of tri-monthly magazine íMehraní of Sindhi Adabi Board, Jamshoro, the post he held for more than couple of decades. Governmentís decision of removing Nafees Ahmed Nashad from íMehraní has sent shock waves among the literary circles of Sindh. Mr. Nashad, who is privileged to have worked under or along side the legendry literary giants like Maulana Ghulam Muhammad Girami, Pir Hussamuddin Rashdi, Dr. Nabi Bux Khan Baloch, Muhammad Ibraheem Joyo, Ghulam Rabbani Agro and several others, during his period of service in the institution has rendered unmatched services for the cause of promotion of Sindhi literature and proved himself a sincere son of the soil. Since noted scholar Dr. Nabi Bux Khan Baloch once in his speech in a public function acknowledging the services of Mr. Nafees Ahmed Nashad for the promotion of standard Sindhi literature from the forum of íMehraní demanded that he may be appointed as a life long editor of íMehraní. Under his command íMehraní underwent tremendous changes and helped young as well as the senior writers to ventilate their ideas on different subjects pertaining to history, culture, literature, science, technology etc. Time and again, Sindhi Adabi Board has to face lot of administrative and financial crises during which the institution as a whole had to endure a lot. However, despite all those situations the publication of íMehraní couldnít be disturbed and due to the leadership qualities of the editor, it managed to see the light of the day. Many seasoned writers and intellectuals are of the considered opinion that with the departure of Mr. Nashad, the prestigious publication of the prestigious institution like Sindhi Adabi Board is likely to face difficult days ahead.