Save Sindh from intra tribal feuds

Few districts of upper Sindh are literally a no go area for the law enforcement agencies as well as the common commuters are the villagers, in the wake of unprecedented growth in the tribal feuds engulfing the whole area. The districts of Kashmore-Kandhkot and Ghotki are the worst victims of this uncontrolled phenomena. Several tribes have developed enmities with their neighbouring clans over petty issues at the cost of loss of dozens of precious human lives and destroyed local economy. The uncontrolled and unchecked flow of lethal weapons in these areas have further deteriorated the conditions leaving behind the innocent villagers living at the mercy of Allah. Killing of people by the warring clans without any crime but on the basis of one’s association with the opposite clan has taken the alarming situation. The provincial government despite being well versed with the situation has by and large failed to come to the rescue of common people and make a sincere effort to settle the feuds and bring peace on the land. Whereas, the criminal negligence on the part of respective district governments had made mockery of their authority and equally failed to crush the offenders. In the wake of ongoing feuds in the upper Sindh, common people had to pay double price. In case of disease and ailment, they prefer to die in their homes instead of visiting nearby town’s hospitals due to fear of attack. Many pregnant women die in their homes due to the failure to rush them to the nearby hospital for deliveries. Schools and colleges in and around the effected areas cease to function since very long. Academic activity is zero. Illiteracy and ignorance is being multiplied at an un-proportional level. The chieftains and influential people of the area if do not promote killing of innocent people, but their criminal silence over creating deterrence and putting an end to the bloody war, justifies our claim to be the part and parcel of the bloody game. On this forum, we earnestly appeal to Sindh Chief Minister to wakeup and take some bold decisions to settle the ongoing crime in the upper Sindh in the name of intra clans warfare.



Ghulam Rabbani Agro passes away

Sindh and Sindhi language’s shining star Mr. Ghulam Rabbani Agro passed away on January 18, due to massive cardiac arrest. He was 78. His services in the field of literature and language are uncountable and immeasurable. He was a author of number of books and contributor of various Sindhi, Urdu and English newspapers and periodicals. He served at number of places and in different capacities. During the course of his long association with Sindhi Adabi Board and other literary and academic institutions of the country a lot of development in different fields was recorded. He served as the Secretary and Chairman of Sindhi Adabi Board on different occasions and produced and reproduced lot of master pieces of Sindhi language. He also served as Pro-Vice Chancellor of University of Sindh, Jamshoro. He was elevated as a Chairman, Academy of Letters, Pakistan and introduced lot of new trends aimed at to promote literature and create harmony on national level. Through these columns we demand to established monuments after his name in Islamabad or else where in recognition of Mr. Rabbani’s landmark services and achievements. May Allah rest the departed soul in His eternal peace. Ameen.